1. Sold out? What if my favorite product size doesn't fit before purchase?
New products may be sold out soon, but you may get them soon! Please contact customer service by email. We will do our best to notify you when the item is available for purchase again. Please provide a valid email address to contact you when the item is available for purchase.

2. What if the tag size is different from what I ordered?
The size displayed on the website will be converted to standard international size before the item is sold. If you find that the size you ordered is different from what is displayed on the website, don't worry. First, try it on and return it if the size does not match. (Please check the return policy.)

3. Why is the color of the clothes I received a little different from what I saw online?
Color differences may occur depending on the viewpoint of the camera and the degree of lighting. note that. If it does not affect the appearance or mood of your clothing, please wear it. We will provide a promotion code as compensation for future purchases. However, we will do our best to avoid this problem.

4. What is the discount code usage?
If you have a discount coupon, go to the Checkout page, enter your number and then see how to use it.

5. Can I get more information about the product?
We will provide you with all the useful information for your purchase in detail. The product page for every item has a lot of pictures of its size, how to care for it, and most importantly, it's a lot of pictures. We will also do our best to let you know if you have any other information that may be useful to you.

6. Is it safe to use my credit card on the website?
Don't worry: It's safe to place an order on our website. We use industry standard encryption technology to transfer and receive customer data exchanged with site servers. Your credit card details will not be revealed. When you enter your credit card and personal information in the online store at checkout, we use secure socket layer technology (SSL) to securely pass the information. Please rest assured to choose your favorite product on our site.

7. How to choose the right size?
Different products from different categories may carry various size measurements. We do recommend you take a careful look at the size chart on each product’s page and refer to the detailed measurements to get a suitable size.

8. Can I change my shipping address after placing an order?
Please be advised that your shipping address cannot be revised after the order has been processed or shipped. Kindly update your shipping address to your residential address instead of your vocational address as we do not know how long the destination's customs department will have the package on hold.

9. What Do I Do If I Have Missing Items In My Order?
If something is still missing, please contact us immediately at service@marryshe.com.

10. Why are taxes and fees charged?
According to the requirements of tariff law, all goods imported into EU countries and the United Kingdom are subject to a tax up to 20%.

If you still have any question, please contact us directly at email service@marryshe.com.